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Battlespace - SciFi MMO Framework v3.5

This project is a Sci FI MMO framework. BSPACE , employs a multi-platform framework and consists of sub-projects. Framework includes a Server Platform,Client Platform, and a Web 4X Based system. An expansion framework has recently been added to allow users to create expansions that can be hosted in the galaxy server.

- Phase 1 Server - Galaxy Level Server (multi-star systems)
- Phase 2 Server - Web (4xGaming interface)

- Phase 1 Client - 3D Multi-user Client
- Phase 2 Client - Mega Complete Client

Framework Components

- [TV3D Engine]

Battlespace Server

Battlespace Client

Battlespace Expansion Framework


[.Net 3.5]
[SQL Server 2005/2008 Express]
[ASP.NET (Web Side)/AJAX]
[Managed Direct-X]
[Windows Live]


Essential Downloads
Setting Up your Enviroment|Modder | Scripter | Full Out Developer

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