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My Over View of 4X Game Play As it relates to the Battlespace framework
By definition, 4X is the abbreviation of eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and eXtermination, although in terms of use and practice, 4x is some what more complex.

Originally identified in the late 90's, traditionally 4X was first popularly used to identify strategy games suchs as Civilization and Master of Orion, although 4x games by definition may have existed far earlier than the aforementioned games.

Player Role in Battlespace:
* Strategic role
The player assumes the role of a leader or adviser to a Race, Clan, Force, or Nation against opposing forces. This includes force management, fleet management, and planetary management.

* eXploration
The eXploration category identifies the purpose of exploring the galaxy and its child territories, which may signify the use of a map. See the [Explorer Player Class].
* eXpansion
The eXpansion category identifies the objective to expand territory or area of control, usually (optional) after eXploration campaigns have been successfully carried out. Strategy of eXpansion requires a balance between your ability to expand as well as your ability to defend and hold conquered or areas under your control;
* eXploitation
The eXpansion category identifies the objective to control resources. Resources may or may not be limited, however goes hand-in-hand with the eXpansion category as the more territory you control, the less the opponent does, thus the more resources you are at your disposal;
* eXtermination
The eXtermination category is the result of continuous expansion. Conflict is inevitable and when push comes to shove, extermination of the opponent is eminent. Extermination requires the total elimination of an opponent or to subdue the opponent under your direct or indirect control (ie. vassal, puppet, etc.) via armed conflict or diplomatic devices;
* Structural Building
No 4X game has been identified to do without a structural building or similar devices. Anything from a latrine to a planetary doomsday weapon station may be used to further advance your purpose;
* Technological Advancement
Traditionally, 4X games have identified the use of technology advancements (or popularly known as a Technology Tree). These advancements are usually identified with the requirement to use resources, time to research or upgrade an idea or object or other steps/factors needed before a certain (new or upgraded) technological benefit, unit, building or similar devices be available to the player;
* Diplomacy
The concept of "not being alone in this existence" refers to other person(s) that may have different goals or priorities than you do. Diplomacy is the bridge to those differences of 4X. Diplomacy is used to make allies or enemies, trade resources and information, or even as a channel for espionage; Most 4X prefer complex uses of diplomacy rather than the standard "friend or foe" commonly found in non-4X strategy war games.

For purposes of this game group, games where primary gameplay focuses only on eXtermination without any other possible victory conditions are excluded from this game group.

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