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Players will need a web interface for an instance of the Battlespace Framework. The Web Framework allows for a web based component of your game. this will alow for RTS, [4x GamePlay], Fleet Management, and a collection of other systems. While this package isnt required, it contains very helpful tools.

- ASP.NET 3.5

1- [Game Portal]
2- [Clan Portals]
3- [Game Encyclopedia] (Sourcebook for your game!)
4- [Galaxy Map]
5- [Custom Forums/chats]

Game Screens
6 - [Empire Managment]
7 - [Fleet Management]
8 - [Colony Management]
7 - [Research and Development]
8 - [Intelligence]
9 - [Diplomacy]
10 - [Trade]

Game Portal
- A complete customizable Portal System for your game. Like all web components, it utilizes your game's data and displays it in a neat web format. This is totally customizable, and can be changes any time. The Scripting is well done, and very generic.

Clan Portals
- A Complete Portal System for Game clans in your galaxy. Stats, holdings, and interesting information.

Game Encyclopedia
- Allows players to browse available vehicles, ships, technology, items, eveything! Gives information detailed for each item as well. All generated from your database.

Galaxy Map
- I currently want top make this a 2d as well as a 3D VRML galaxy map system. Silverlight would bea great alternative, if i can get around to coding it.

Battlespace Communication system
- Ive always wanted to build a forum/communication system, and now I will.

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