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- Battlespace Server side Database Layer

!Entity Structure

- Manage Game objects in the Database from the Entity level. This means that [Game Design Code] needs not know how the exact [Data Layer Code] works. You only have to use the entities, there properties, and there functions.

- Entitys (see [bspace_scene] and [bspace_object]) have a basic structure. These also include user-defined fields as needed. See the basic structures for information. A scene is basically an stage of objects. That is to say. a a scene is a 'stage', that contains many bspaceobjects. The bspaceScene, manages objects. Scene Management includes many sub-systems here:

  1. bspace_object management
  2. bspace_scene Mission/Quest/Task engine
  3. bspace_scene Network control (multiplayer or single player instancing)

- bspace_object, contains many properties and functions:
Game Properties
  1. Object Identification Properties
  2. Object Navigation Properties
  3. Object Tactical Properties
  4. Object System Properties
  5. Object Inventory Properties
  6. Object Trade Properties
  7. Object Sensor Properties
Media Properties
  1. Object Media Properties
  2. Object 3D Properties
  3. Object Audio Properties
  1. Object Input Properties
#Object Scene Properties (1)
  1. Object AI Properties

Game Functions
  1. Object Navigation Functions
  2. Object Tactical Functions
  3. Object Sensor Functions
  4. Object Input Functions

(1) - bspaceobjects can contain a bspacescene object. This is to allow an object to become a scene, if needed for special user itnerface functions. For example, modifying a ship. IF you wanted to click on a starship, and modify, it, the screen would be a new scene, that zoomed in on the ship, and showed user interface objects (buttons, labels, etc) for modding the ship. This is one of many ways to use that.

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